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Belt type cucumber Juicing machine

    model DYJ-3 DYJ-5 DYJ-10 DYJ-20    
    production capacity 1-3 3-5 5-10 10-20    
    Filter band linear velocity 5 5.7 7.95 6.3    
    Main drive speed 11 9.5 11 8.2    
    main motor power 1.5 3 4 5.5    
    Flushing pump power 11 7.5 15 30    
    Flushing pump flow 50 16 16 32    
    Flush pump head 32 94 189 378    
    Reflux pump power 2.2 5.5 5.5 5.5    
    Reflux pump flow rate 12.5 25 25 25    
    Return pump head 20 32 32 32    
    Distributing wheel power   0.37 0.37 0.37    
    Compressed air consumption 1m3/h    
    compressed air pressure 0.6MPa    
    Inlet height 1160 1840 2045 1920    
    Squeeze with size 7780×800 11170× 1200 14300×1750 16800×2500    
    boundary dimension 3100×1475×1820 3940×2085×2430 5000×2780×2560 5420×3430×2420    
pitch  Pitch, the distance between two adjacent spiral blades, is a very important structural parameter, which directly affects the success or failure of slag transport.  When the screw diameter is constant, the greater the pitch and the higher the spiral rise Angle, the greater the chance of material clogging between the spiral blades.  At the same time, the large pitch will reduce the number of turns of the spiral blade, resulting in uneven material distribution at the cone end of the drum, resulting in increased vibration of the machine.  Therefore, for difficult to separate materials such as activated sludge, slag transport is more difficult, the pitch should be small, generally 1/5 ~ 1/6 diameter of drum, in order to facilitate transportation.  For easy separation of materials, pitch should be larger, generally for drum diameter 1/2 ~ 1/5, in order to improve the transport capacity of sediment.  Screw type  The screw is the main component of centrifugal sludge dewaterer. Its function is to transport the sediment settling inside the drum and smoothly discharge the sediment. It is not only a unloading device, but also determines the production capacity, service life and separation effect.
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