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The working principle and use of the Viscolizer


GJJ series high pressure homogenizer is an ultra-fine pulverization, emulsification and homogenization equipment, which utilizes the suspension under high pressure to lose pressure, expand, explode, shear and impact at high speed during the process of passing through an adjustable flow-limiting gap And other comprehensive effects, the particles and oil droplets in the liquid are crushed into small sizes, diameter Ø0.1-2um, average Ø≤1um, and at the same time establish an ideal emulsion or dispersion. This process integrates the functional principles of ultrasonic pulverizer, colloid mill, ball mill, and jet machine (Figure 3). Product stability, consistency, blendability, ease of absorption, nutritional value, shelf life, taste, color and viability can all be achieved in a homogenizer.

The main purpose:
(1) The biological cells are broken to extract the contents or make new products;
(2) Two-phase materials (liquid-liquid or liquid-solid) incompatible with each other are superfinely pulverized to make stable emulsion or dispersion;
(3) Refinement of other various materials.
In short, it is widely used in food, bioengineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.

This machine is mainly composed of base and motor, gearbox, high pressure pump and homogeneous part.

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