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The main raw material of wheat green juice is wheat seedlings. After extraction, it can be made into an enzyme drink. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll and other vegetable juices with high nutritional value, which can play a dual role in maintaining health and beauty. Contains the nutrients of yellow and green vegetables, which can effectively make up for the lack of vegetables. It is a low GI value food. It is a high-alkaline pure natural healthy food that contains the six basic nutrients and dozens of trace elements needed by the human body in a balanced manner, has a significant detoxification effect, and can nourish cells. The alkalinity of barley leaves is as high as 66.5 (data provided by the Japan Food Analysis Center), known as the "king of alkaline foods", which can neutralize acidic toxins in the body, balance acid-base, and effectively improve acidic constitution. It contains about 30% protein, more than all vegetables, and its protein has a small molecular structure, which is different from the macromolecular structure of milk and meat, which is more conducive to human absorption. Contains a variety of antioxidant ingredients such as sod active enzymes, and also contains about 45% of natural dietary fiber, which can be used for beauty and beauty; increase satiety, help control weight; prevent and improve hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis and other symptoms; reduce the risk of cancer. The chlorophyll contained in it can neutralize these toxins and excrete them from the body to purify the blood and has a good deodorizing effect on various body odors such as bad breath and underarm odor.

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