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What role does the industrial orange juicer play in the production line?
Orange grading line: pick up fruit, bad fruit output, brush polishing, on-line case, air and solid box transfer, computer controlled, grading according to size, color. Cleaning, sorting, grading, juice, oil exploitation, juice separation, concentration, sterilization, filling and other functions in one.

Technical characteristics of industrial orange juice extractor: the main body is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant, durable, suitable for a wider range of environments. Using laser cutting technology, the product structure is tight, well made, solid and durable. Orange oil press compared with the peer products, improve the running speed, the highest speed can reach 110 times/min, speed and international similar products, increased by 10%.

Industrial orange juicer also has fail-safe stop function, field and control two-way control and safety improvements. Orange crushing juicer adopts a new CAM structure design, saving the original spring and cylinder, reducing equipment failure rate. The refining machine runs smoothly, the speed is adjustable Angle, the material plate shape, from the water pipe into production after alkali cleaning, solve the clean corner outside the screen. On the net CIP cleaning system of the main equipment, automatic cleaning, cleaning thoroughly. Multi-effect falling-film evaporator, low temperature negative pressure evaporation, make orange juice taste. The concentrated orange juice is in line with the national standard and the product quality is good. Production line automation degree is high,PLC centralized control, stability is very good.

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