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Peel blueberry high-power beater

    Name Technical indexes    
    Production capacity 10t/h    
    Matched power 30kw    
    Conveyor speed 970r/min    
    Overall dimensions 1980×1200×2050mm    

Although blueberries do not look very attractive in color, their nutritional value is very high, especially rich in anthocyanins. And because of the special color, it can be easily matched with many dishes to create a different feeling. Just like blueberry jam, it has become a good partner for bread and toast. Blueberries have skins. To make blueberry jam, you need to peel them. The prerequisite for a good blueberry jam is of course an excellent blueberry peeling high-power beater. This kind of equipment can give full play to its value especially in the field of industrial food.

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