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The efficacy and role of green plum juice
The first major effect: green plum can exert a strong bactericidal effect on Helicobacter pylori. Green plums are rich in organic acids, which can temporarily turn the weakly alkaline environment in the intestines into acidity, and then play a sterilizing effect. At this time, the main role of sterilization is citric acid, which can prevent food poisoning. In family life Or when you travel abroad and have severe diarrhea, Ome can play a role.
The second major effect: green plum has a unique effect of regulating gastrointestinal function. The catechin in green plum can promote intestinal peristalsis and has a significant effect on constipation (especially pregnant women) and diarrhea.
The third major effect: Eliminate fatigue and relieve mental stress "Ome has the effect of eliminating fatigue and relieving stress. The latest experiment has confirmed that Ome has the effect of anti-stress. Ome can reduce stress and at the same time increase substances that can relieve stress. It has a double function. When you feel tired, you can ask for a slice of lemon, which has the effect of eliminating fatigue. This is also caused by citric acid. The citric acid content of green plum is 10 times that of lemon, so when you feel too stressed, you can Eat more.
The fourth major effect: improve gastrointestinal function: green plum can maintain normal gastrointestinal function, help the body to digest and absorb, and can prevent gastric secretion. The green plum is rich in organic acids, which can stimulate the intestines and activate the peristalsis of the intestines. Green plums have excellent bowel-regulating effects and can effectively eliminate secretions. Therefore, as long as you drink a glass of green plum juice in the morning and evening, regular bowel movements will naturally appear, making your stools smoother.

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